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MF Performance Support

Strength & Conditioning training for both dancers & parents ?

The dance world has had some significant changes during the last few years, and after lots of persuasion by healthcare experts, the top ballet companies in the world are now equipped with gyms, stretch & recovery equipment, strength & conditioning coaches and rehab specialists.

Now we know what you’re thinking, we’re just a little dance school in Hyde right? WRONG! Why shouldn’t we strive to give our students the best possible start to a physical life whether they want to be a professional dancer or recreational dancer?

As stated the ‘The Stage’ dance magazine “Art is fusing with science to revolutionise the way dancers prepare” and at The Hyde school of Dance if we do something, we do it properly and we’re always ready to welcome change and new ways of working.

With that in mind in January, we introduced the MF Performance Support programme at HSD73 firstly for our Ballet Boys to add strength training foundations into their weekly classes. The boys are now progressing on by consistently making gradual improvements in strength, power and endurance etc. This is through what is called progressive overload. In summary, the body needs to be continuously challenged for physical adaptations (getting stronger) to occur. All this while their classmates are taking pointe work classes in the Studio. Yes #HSDDoubleWhammy ??

Mitch then developed a programme for some of our upper school girls also introducing them to strength training foundations. Strength training can be daunting at first for anyone, but especially for young females due to the myths and stereotypes that still exist. Smashing those myths to bits the girls certainly got stronger, improved their coordination, core stability, and learned how to control their bodies in multi-directional movement and upon landing. Consistency in the above allows them to dance better, for longer whilst reducing injury risk. As teachers, we have certainly noticed improvements in their dance!

Eight-week taster sessions plus long term programmes are now available for all upper school students, and these can be booked by either speaking to us at HQ or sending us an app message. Because of the nature of this training, this is also open to parents, relatives and friends. Plus at a quarter of the cost of a normal personal strength & conditioning coach, it’s not to be sniffed at if you’re planning on getting in shape and giving your athletic life longevity whether you’re a runner, cyclist, gym enthusiast or dance mom or dad. Who cares, this is our health we’re talking about & we’re here to help.

Eight weeks of strength & conditioning training:
Two block payments of £34.

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