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Creative Contemporary

Creative Contemporary Choreography with Parent Performance
Friday 14th June (5 Weeks) 7.15 til 8.15pm

Available for Grade 2’s

Get your creative ?‘s flowing with this introduction into the world of choreography led by your HSD teachers. We’ll start you off with a Miss S spesh contemporary combo & then guide you on how to continue this with your own unique flavour using different styles of music, props & emotions through choreographic techniques.

It’s not just about the dance.

Choreography projects have proven to help our HSDers to brainstorm and exercise their creativity, learning how to negotiate their own wants & needs plus celebrating each student’s strengths & different points of view whilst allowing everyone’s voice to be heard. Each student is encouraged to lead & to follow, both valuable skills as a student & performer.

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #thinkingoutsidethebox #togetherwehaveitall

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