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What an end of year shindig we had on Zoom just before Christmas. The human race are over zoom for sure but without it we wouldn’t have been able to get together & it was magic!

With over 80 families, 196 party goers & connections from Wales, London, Manchester & beyond we were able to enjoy a true 2020 style party.

Awards were dished out to our 2019/2020 winners & we enjoyed watching our lockdown videos together to showcase what we’ve been working on during the ‘Panny D’ year. You can’t have a HSD party without a game of bingo and boy do our little dance community love their bingo with our Principal Miss Shellie, eyes down people! We had a few games before dancing the night away to some classic tunes

A two hour party ended up being three hours and there were some rough heads from some of our parents doing the Saturday morning 9am drop off ?

Good times indeed!

Party hard people!

Here are Team Ward living it large in their front room 🙂


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