where friends become family & dreams come true

we refer to our studio as 'the hub' & we're very proud and feel extremely blessed to have it in our lives. our hub is a safe, learning & warm environment for our students & a place of worship for dance.

at HSD73 we provide training in classical / modern ballet, national/jazz tap, modern/jazz, pilates for dancers, breaking, hip hop, locking, house & popping.

our teaching staff consists of Miss Shellie Cummings (Principal) & Miss Jemma Prescott (Head Teacher). both teachers have grown up in the HSD school system & subsequently travelled the world with the art of dance.

we love capturing our memories & sharing them with the world. check out our soclal media stuff here.

HSD73 is more than just a dance school; it’s a family & a lifestyle.

Drawing on 43 years experience we rebranded as HSD73 in 2010, and moved into the Hub. Which offers a relaxed and lively place to hang out in a funky urban environment.

Our unique dance education is delivered with personality and passion. Class time demands hard work and determination in return for a positive and lively learning experience.

With the confidence, strength and talent that HSD73 creates our students go on to achieve amazing things in all walks of life.