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Hey! Shellie here, all prepped and ready to pause alongside you & here I share a part of myself that you may not be aware of.

In addition to being the proud principal of HSD73 & having enjoyed a long & rewarding career in the dance & theatre world I am also a Reiki practitioner. I came to Reiki after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2003, this gentle yet powerful practice brought me to a place where i could live my life without anti-depressants & find the positives & joy in life once again. In short Reiki saved me after I had hit rock bottom & gave me my life back. I will be eternally grateful to my Reiki Master Beryl Vale of the Silverdale Centre for not only helping me find my path again but also for giving me the tools to then be able to help myself & others. Beryl Vale you’re a “Rock Star”


Bookings being taken now for sessions beginning at the end of April.

Taster sessions, single treatments, 4 week packages & not forgetting our bimonthly SoulSootheSessions bringing together likeminded soul searchers ✨

Take a break, take a breath

2 Minutes | Amongst the trees at Newborough Forrest, Los Anglesey

5 Minutes | Walk through the trees at Newborough Forrest, Los Anglesey.

1 Minute | Anglesey, Wales

1 Minute | Waves & blue skies – Summerleaze Beach, Cornwall


Keep your eyes peeled for our next Soul Soothe Session which combines A Place to Pause with Shellie & @wellbeing_with_jo.

Jo & Shellie bring a unique package of Gua Sha Massage, Reiki, Breathwork & Gentle Stretching to open, expand, calm & balance the body & mind. You will also have the chance to sample & purchase the natural & organic range of lotions & potions from Neal’s Yard Remedies, the UK’s first certified organic health & beauty brand.

DID YOU KNOW… that we average 50,000 thoughts that distract us each day & keep us awake at night?! So, if you feel the need to step out of the busy pace of life, to quieten the mental chatter & the overthinking of everyday life then this SoulSoothe Session is for you. Not only will your soul be soothed but you will also take some very valuable self care tools away with you.


4 Weeks
£ 90
  • 4 weeks of 45 minute sessions
  • Become aware of your own breath & the power of it… simples!
  • Using breathwork, together we can create change simply by connecting more deeply with our breath, our body and our energy.


4 Weeks
£ 120
  • 4 weeks of 1hr sessions
  • Reiki to find balance & calm in your life with you at the centre.
  • As the package name suggests here we work on the balance of heart & mind, the physical & mental, the emotional & spiritual Balance means different things at different times. If you are tired, you’ll feel re-energised. If you feel anxious, you’ll feel calmer. If you feel out of sorts, you’ll feel more like yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, you’ll discover a sense of peace within. If you feel ungrounded, you’ll feel centred… Try it!


4 Weeks
£ 150
  • 4 weeks of 1hr sessions
  • A unique combination of Reiki & Breathwork tailored to your needs.
  • If you are ready to regulate your emotions, become less reactive, reset your system (mind, body and soul), oh, and finally learn to RELAX, then our Crown package is for you. Using aromatherapy to enhance & improve the overall experience. The goal is to free up space for you to feel lighter, more creative, balanced and fine tune your emotions… what’s not to love?
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Not sure whether this is for you? Why not try a taster session?


20 Minutes Taster Session. If you use webmail then you can book using the chat button below.

Book Here


20 Minutes Taster Session. If you use webmail then you can book using the chat button below.

Book Here

A Place to Pause 4 Week Pop Up

The Happy Quarters HSD73 Unit H4A Newton Business Park, Newton, Hyde

Hey people it’s pop up time again & this time we have something a little different for you. A 4 week course focusing on the mind, body & soul. A unique combination of Breathwork teamed with Yoga, Pilates & Ballet […]